Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On the loss of friendship...

I have a few people that I parted ways with in the past year.

The thing that is a trip is that, I don't miss them.

I think about them, but don't "miss" them.

I am reading a great book, "Click" by George Fraser. (I need to do a post about him soon too, btw.)

This book talks about how we just click with some people. In it he says, "You CLICK with someone when Chemistry, Fit, and Timing are aligned." I realized that I didn't do that with these people. The friendships were always an effort. Either I initially had a bad impression of them or they of me and after some time together we realized that we liked each other, but somehow we fell out. So I guess we never did really like each other or we just didn't click.

I have finally realized that fast friends are the best ones. Anyone I click with right away is usually a friend till the end. This is because our "chemistry" makes me value their friendship enough to make "time" for them and they always "fit" into my life.

For some reason, I spend a lot of time trying to make relationships work. I am just realizing that when a relationship doesn't work, it is not always anyones fault. Maybe we just didn't click.

I am over these old friends. I have privately blessed them and released them.


Don said...

Good deal, and great post. I too have enjoyed the lifelong friendships with people I instantly clicked with. And was able to not become deterred by those friendships better left unsaid.

Lakisa said...

I'm going to have to check out that book. These days I just don't have the energy to "work" so hard at relationships other than my marriage. So I find myself spending time with those who just "click" as well. I usually use the awkward silence test to see if I need to move on. Good post.