Monday, August 11, 2008

Family, fatigue and fun!

We don't have much family here in Kentucky, but the family we have is FUN! When we get together we usually stay up too late, talk too much, eat too much and laugh plenty.

We had a cousin get married this weekend so there were THOUSANDS of us here. I think we doubled the Black count in this town, LOL!!!

This was baby girl's first wedding so she was excited and talked and danced and posed all night. It was a Friday night/Saturday morning wedding and we had a gathering on Saturday afternoon/night/Sunday morning and man....Sunday morning came quickly. I have to be in the studio by 7 a.m. on Sunday's to do my radio show and man I was beat. I took a REAL nap about 11 a.m. and slept until 3.

It was a GREAT weekend. Here are some wedding shots.
What'd you get into this weekend??


Lovebabz said...

What a beautiful family! You all look FABULOUS!

I love weddings! The Bride looks stunningly beautiful!

Lakisa said...

The Bride does look beautiful. So does BabyGirl in polka dots. Looks like fun times.

Smell Goods Lady said...


Brother OMi said...

(no i haven't forgotten you)

the family looks great....