Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding gifts...

So you know I went to a wedding. And by far it was the most fabulous of all weddings I'd been to. It was straight out of the platinum wedding text book. Tons of real, exotic flowers. Buffets (yes, plural) with salmon, and carving stations of beef and turkey. A live band for the cocktail hour that preceded the reception. A dj for the after dinner party. An open bar. Ice sculpture of their initials. I could go on and on and on! (Did you catch the hologram of the couples initials over the arches in the big family photo?)

I don't take gifts to weddings, because I remember lugging all that stuff home. My first wedding (y'all knew I was married before right?) was in Detroit but we lived in Dayton and almost couldn't fit it all into the van to go back. (Someone gave us a 24" TV and this was before flat screens people) It was a blessing but I wish some had mailed them.

Also, because the bride has been away in school since 2000 (she's going to be a physician) I didn't know her tastes much and hate to buy from the registry.

After spending the weekend watching her and the groom I realized that the young couple needed what every other couple needs.

I have two standard wedding gifts.

1. For the older couple who both had their own places first, I give a nice piece of African art. Usually a mask or hand crafted table art with a stand of some sort. Of course it's wrapped in African cloth or a sarong that the bride can wear later.

2. For a younger couple or a couple where the wife was still living with her parents, I like to give them an engraved African Heritage Study Bible. First, because only God is going to get you through a marriage (can I get an Amen!) and also, they need to record their history there as we have done for generations.

I almost gave into the feeling of "fabulous" and bought them something more "grand". But I realize that giving them something to remind them of WHO they are or WHOSE they are is always right on time!

Do you have a standard wedding gift.


Lakisa said...

I love your ideas, may have to borrow 'um. I usually give pictures frames or some type of glassware like a nice vase.

Brother OMi said...

i actually don't
i try to get something that actually defines the couple or is near and dear to them...