Saturday, August 9, 2008

With EXTREME sadness...

R.I.P. Bernie Mac
I didn't get a REAL appreciation for the genius of the Mac Man until I lived in The Chi for a few years. They LOVE Bernie there. I will never forget going to see The Original Kings of Comedy movie at the "Black" movie theater on 87th and the Dan Ryan (freeway). People laughed and were rowdy as usual until.......they started showing the clips of Bernie before he took the stage. 

You could feel the anticipation in the theater. People sat up, leaned forward, began shouting and cheering like he was in the room. When Steve Harvey introduced him on screen, people stood up in the movies! I never had so much fun. It was an unbelievable feeling of ownership. People in Chicago felt like they all made it when Bernie did. They were proud of him and felt pride just by seeing him on the big screen doing his thing.

I worked in the South Suburbs of Chicago where Bernie lives today and every third person I met was related to Bernie, knew Bernie, has swam in his pool or SOMETHING. He belonged to them.

Usually, people say to me "aren't you from Chicago?" I say "No, my husband is. But I lived there for few years."

Today, I'm from Chicago. And my Uncle Bernie just died. WAY too soon, at age 50.

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