Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's up!

The Kentucky primaries wore me down.

I had to cover Michelle Obama's appearance in the city on Monday. I wanted to share the photo above because I love how everyone behind Mrs. Obama is taking her picture, LOL! (if you click on it, it will blow up. If you use it, credit A. Gerton as photographer)

Tuesday morning I was on Santita Jackson's radio show in Chicago by telephone to talk about the primaries. (She's Rev. Jackson's oldest daughter and is The Queen of Chicago talk radio :-)

Tuesday afternoon, I had to do some exit polling for my story. (Everyone I interviewed was for Obama, he won Lexington and Louisville despite the crushing loss of votes in KY)

Then I had to get photos and quotes to the Black newswire.

Tuesday night I had to watch results while putting away laundry and eating.

This morning I had to review final numbers from the Secretary of State and do Santita's show again (which was actually the highlight of my day).

I had to go grocery shopping and am about to cook some dinner.

And now I have 36 hours to turn out my next issue of the paper, do some lessons with baby girl, feed my family and sleep a bit.

Talk to you later!!!!!!


Lakisa Muhammad said...

OK Supersister, try to get some rest in there somewhere. I'll be praying for you.

Brother OMi said...

that's cool
the mocha moms were trying to get her to come and speak at their annual conference.

wow, you are really holding it down

Don said...

i heart michelle obama. one day i am going to get around to reading both her and barack's book.

that must have been a very good cover for you, sister p.

Sister P said...

Lakisa-I need you praying for me more often! I got done and wasn't dog tired this weekend, like I usually am. I even got in some deep spring cleaning!

Omi--Were they trying to book Michelle or Santita?

Don-I haven't read the books either. I keep saying I want to read them, but in my heart I think I don't. Maybe the one about hope but the autobiography may be too much information and make me not like him anymore. I'm very judgemental! LOL!

Love2read said...

I really enjoy your blog and will make sure to check it out again