Friday, May 2, 2008

Something about a funeral

Funerals are really humbling. They always make me think about my life, where I've been and what else I need to do before checking out of here.

It has really been on my heart and mind to create a will. I think I need to do that.

Today I paid my respects to a local pastor. The funeral was one of the biggest I've seen. I was unusually comfortable there. It was a baptist church but they are different. The women and men both dress modestly. They even have HUGE bible conference each year.

Back to that feeling...

All the brothers and sisters wore all white for the funeral. I think the uniformity of the white made me feel at ease. They also sang many songs to God and not just Jesus (please don't take offense). They were sad but not falling out sad. It was just a good funeral and I felt fine there. I don't mind going to church as a Muslim. I grew up in the COGIC. But often, the preacher tries to stare me/us down and preach to us. I guess they think I'll rip off my head piece and cut 18 inches off my dress and yell "Save me Jesus!"

But not today. Everybody just said, "Hello Sister Muhammad" and let me just "be". Even other pastors waved at me and smiled and left me alone to pay my respects and feel the moment.

I couldn't stay longer than about 90 minutes. It was a 3 hour funeral and I had to come 45 minutes early just to get a spot in the chapel next door and watch it from the BACK of a screen way up in the balcony. But I wanted to go and pay respects because the members read a lot of our papers each week and I know so many people who go there. I never had the opportunity to meet him in person but did enjoy hearing him on the radio on Sunday mornings.

I guess I'm saying all this to say, never miss an opportunity to pay your respect to someone even if you respected them from afar. And never miss an opportunity to share in the moment with some people you care about. I didn't see all the people I knew but when I DO see them, I'll be able to talk about the funeral because I was there. It's about being a friend and a friend of this community that has welcomed us with open arms (mostly).

Be blessed!


Smell Goods Lady said...

I was COGIC too.

Sister P said...

SG Lady-(I just noticed the name change.) Will the similarities between us never end? :oD