Saturday, May 3, 2008

The love list is back...

I've been getting so much love lately, I forgot about my list...but I'm back.

#15- I love how my birthday, my wedding anniversary and Mother's Day are close together. They are close enough to keep a happy feeling going for about 3 weeks straight but not so close that I have to get combined gifts!

#16- I love that I appreciate simple things like flowers (even from the grocery) and cards that are mailed the old fashioned way.

#17 - I love that I am still "Detroit fabulous" and enjoy trillion cut diamonds, fur coats and Cadillacs. But I'm not "Detroit Stoopit" and I haven't gone into debt to get them. I've got one (none of yo bizness which) and will work on the other two, patiently.

1 comment:

Smell Goods Lady said...

Woa! What a DIAMOND! You go girl, it is nice to have things, and to work towards them, not jut to consume and go into debt.