Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a day!!!

I like to be spoiled. I want to live a pampered life of luxury and lavishness, but those weren't the cards I was dealt. I'm a sister who (insert Donna Summer voice here and sing) "works hard for the money" so a few days out of the year I want to "do me" ALL DAY.

My birthday was Saturday, April 26.

I woke up to kisses from my family and calls from my friends and relatives. I was a bit tired because I was up until 3am altering my outfit. I had to sew the buttons down on my shirt and hem my pants. (One of the blogs I love explains my problem better than I have energy for right now, I'm trying to remain on the happy vibe.)

After a slow and leisurely stroll around my room getting ready I went downstairs.

My DAM (diamond among men) husband made me a homemade pancake breakfast. We ate big because I wasn't going to eat again until dinner.

Then I hopped in my (environment killin', gas guzzlin') truck and headed for Cincinnati. I bumped Carl Thomas ALL the way. "All You've Given" is just.....no words.

I was on my way to meet my girl there for....drumroll please

I had FRONT ROW SEATS!! I had a ball. My friend and I both said we didn't expect to have such an emotional reaction to this, but we did. It made you laugh and cry and smile and have chills. I don't think the Broadway version could be any better than this touring cast. They were GREAT. (I'm going to do a post with spoilers on it later)

I saw a few people from Big City Wanna Be that drove up too. Anytime I can sit in a place full 'o Black folks and watch some Black folks, I'm enjoying a fat slice of heaven!

We ate at one of my favorite "chain" restaurants, Maggiano's. I didn't know it was a chain until we ate at the one in Vegas then I went on line and found them everywhere. We used to go when we lived in Chicago. (My other favorite is Houston's, hope one is coming my way soon.)

I got flowers, cupcakes and a pillow and a bag (which I'll tell you about too in another post).

I will have photos soon. Haven't had time to look at my camera but I wanted to get this up.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT WEEK, mine is off to a BANGIN' start.

God Bless!


Brother OMi said...

happy belated born day.

i should be out there sometime in the next few months... i will keep you updated

Smell Goods '98™ said...

Yay!!! I can feel your happiness through the screen! Yes, please share pics, and I want to know more about that bag. Handbag? I love handbags!!! Love Maggiano's also.

Sister P, you are one of the 6 people that I have tagged for 6 Quirks of Meme. Visit my site for details. You can opt out, but visit before making that decision (wink).

Don said...

yes. yours is definitely bangin'. sounds like you had a fun and exciting time. the word DAM is a new one. maybe one day my future wife will consider me to be worthy of that name.

i'm dying to see the color purple live. fanstasia is no longer a part of the broadway play, right?

Sister P said...

@Omi-I'd love to meet you and your family. Stay in touch.
@SG'98-It's not a handbag but a tote. I'll take a photo for the post when I talk about it. I'll be by your place in few to see what the heck is a Meme :-)
@Don- I'm sure your wife will think you hung the moon! (But she'd be wrong, bc MY husband did it already, LOL) Fantasia is gone but right now BeBe Winans is playing Harpo and Chaka Khan is playing Sophia. I hope to see them before they're gone.

Don said...

Bebe Winans as Harpo? LOL. That is a must see. a friend of mines saw it back when Fantasia was in. She said she was surprised how good Fantasia were.