Monday, May 5, 2008

Another celebration!

(Press play while reading..It's long so you may need a drink too! :o)

Can you stand all this fuggin' happiness?!
I tend to celebrate EVERYTHING. I love life and love the euphoric emotion we call happiness.

I celebrated my 100th post, my 1 year blog anniversary, my birthday and now.......MY EIGHTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

About a year ago, I posted "our story". I''ll do a repost so you can keep listening to the music :o) :

""""There was a 17 year old college freshman who was "saved, sanctified and filled with the holy ghost". She really went to college to find a husband. Since she didn't have a career goal, she wasn't sure of what to major in but had a band scholarship, so she chose Music Education.

In the music department there was a music library. It was actually used as a lounge and was a hangout for the choir members and music majors. There was a really handsome senior who locked and unlocked the doors each day. He was a business major but played the trumpet and was a member of the music fraternity.

The freshman and the senior hung out with the group of students that frequented the library. They all went bowling together, ate pizza together, typical college stuff. But the senior was much more serious and had deep feelings for the freshman who was just "dating." They'd have deep conversations about their upbringing and religious backgrounds and could not have been more different. Freshman was "saved", though she didn't know what it meant, and Senior didn't know who or what he believed in. But they keep talking and "dating". So when senior gave freshman a solid gold dome ring for Christmas, he was showing commitment and she saw it as just a gift. Well....

Freshman had been in the band and was tied up all of Fall quarter so she really didn't get a chance to socialize with the rest of the folks until football season was over. After Christmas break, Freshman realized she was HOT! She was being asked out by football players, other freshmen and frat guys. She was totally ignoring senior and began to lose interest because he wasn't as much "fun".

Some "he said/she said" foolishness made Senior really upset with Freshman. Senior tried to get her attention by starting an argument but it backfired and Freshman didn't speak to him anymore. So for the next year and a half that he was on campus (double major) they rarely spoke. But deep in his heart, Senior was hopeful.

Fast forward........

12 years after they met, the guy who "hooked up" freshman and senior committed suicide. The funeral was in the town that Freshman was now living as a recently divorced single woman. The suicide made Freshman realize that whatever problems she had with anyone were petty and she resolved to squash any feuds.

When senior didn't make it to the funeral (he was living 400 mi. away) Freshman asked around until she found his address and wrote him a letter basically saying that she didn't remember what they argued about but she wasn't mad, heard he was Muslim and hoped he was at peace.

Shocked that she found him, he wrote to her back but couldn't wait for the letter to reach her and called her on the phone. They began talking again and found that they had much in common and had the same goals of entrepreneurship and children and home schooling. He was already a Muslim and she had been studying Islam.

During their courtship he explained that he had never been married because freshman was the only girl he ever imagined himself married to.

Fourteen years after they met and two years after they reconnected, Freshman and Senior married, started a business and a family.""""

To my husband....I hope this life of ours is better than you imagined! Love you more, Sister P


Don said...


that is a beautiful story. isn't it something how the people are meant to happen, always end up happeneing when you least expect it? i see this time and time again.

During their courtship he explained that he had never been married because freshman was the only girl he ever imagined himself married to. you had to marry him, after he said that. LOL.

Lakisa Muhammad said...

aaahhhhhh! That is so special, totally the will of Allah. That man loves you, it's all in his eyes. LOL Strong families, strong Nation; so have a wonderful, successful, and properous 9th year!

Smell Goods Lady said...

I am in tears. Thank you for sharing. You remind me of myself. I too was SAVED AND FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST. Did not even know what that meant. So happy my eyes were open to the deception. But enough of that... I am very happy for you two. So sweet thank you for sharing.

P.S. Glad to see the beautiful face behind the name Sister P.

Sister P said...

@Don-It was one of those "you had me at hello" moments. I'll admit though, it was hard to live up to the 12 year expectation/anticipation. But we've made it through some tough "negotiations" and we're in a good place.***all cheesy like in my pink outfit***

@Lakisa-Thanks for the warm wishes. I hope it's in my eyes too. I'm proud of that brother!

@SG98-You said: "P.S. Glad to see the beautiful face behind the name Sister P."
Thanks Sis! With my face plastered on ads in my paper and on my work website I get tired of looking at myself. (I am so for real about that, LOL) I do have some pics posted earlier but I guess since you've been reading I haven't. I ain't hidin'!

Brother OMi said...

i can see the movie credits now...

this would be a great movie

for real

now i am trying to figure out who would play you guys...

kenya moore (with her fine underrated tail) and michael jai white...


Sister P said...

Thanks Omi. I'm glad you didn't say Latifah or MoNique, ROFL!!

is that so? said...

what a beautiful story :-)