Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I love about me and my life...

My girl LoveBabz had a love list going for a while and think I like that idea.

I've been having this reality check for a while and have been very deliberately focused on what is wrong in my life (most of March if you're back blogging :o). For now, I'd like to take a trip down Positivity Lane.

I want to think of 100 things that I love about me and/or my life.

1. I love my smile.
2. I love my laugh.
3. I love being tall.
4. I love being almost 39 and still having all the organs Allah sent me here with. And they are all working pretty well.
5. I love that I have learned to be transparent. Take me or leave me, this is the "real" me. And I am WONDERFUL as I am.


Smell Goods '98™ said...

I love Babz love list as well. Maybe I will start one!

Sister P said...

You should, Ms. I. It's fun and a big stretch to come up with 100 of ANYTHING.