Friday, April 18, 2008

Love list and stuff

I'm mid-way through my birth month and I haven't done anything else for me, per se. But in Islam we say, "anything you do of good, you do for yourself." Meaning, you are always the one who benefits when you do a good deed.

I have spent some time really looking at my husband and making sure he is taken care of. I know how easy it is to not SEE people when you see them everyday. I don't want to ignore him and his needs.

I got with another homeschooling mom and we started a Black homeschooler's group and we're out looking for other families to join us. (We know of a few but man, homeschoolers are hard to catch up with!)

I made a date with a friend for my actual birthday and will have photos from our big LADIES NIGHT ROAD TRIP on Monday the 28th.

Love list

#6 I love being intelligent.
#7 I love how many good memories I have.
#8 I love cooking from scratch. Just tasting something and going to work to duplicate it in my own kitchen is a passion.
Have a great weekend!


Don said...

You sound like the wife which every man wishes he had.

Especially me.

Okay, I digress.

Good luck with the homeschoolers group. Interesting how I was just speaking on passion.

Sister P said...

@Don--Awww, thanks.