Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love List continues

#11- I love that I have found my purpose in life, have a passion for it, have the support to accomplish it, have the sense to study to qualify myself to do it, and make a living doing it.

#12 (sort of 11.5) - I love my job!!! Giving a voice to the often neglected Black experience is so rewarding. I meet people all the time who thank me for starting the paper and compliment me on the radio show or tell me they got customers from the business directory we publish and that makes me feel SOOO GOOOOD.

#13 I love my eyebrows.

#14 I love my thick, kinky, natural hair.


Don said...

Yes, I read what you wrote about your passion. Same here. You even made me think about how wonderful it would be for me personally to earn a living doing what I am so passionate about. would be the ultimate. Hopefully, one day soon I will.

Sister P said...

@Don-if it is your passion and you use it to fulfill a purpose, Allah (God) will bless you to do it. Believe that!

Don said...

thanks. needed that.

i try to, more times than not.