Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How green am I?

Happy Earth Day!
I had to really consider this. I am definitely more "green" conscious now that I live in Kentucky. This town is SERIOUS about conservation, even the Mayor's city car is a Hybrid Toyota.

Ways I am green...
1. We have three city waste cans. One for garbage, one for recyclable empties (paper, plastic and glass) and one for yard waste.
2. I get recycled mulch each year for my flower beds from the city.
3. I don't water as much as I used to. This saves water and keeps my grass from growing so much (which my husband appreciates :o)
4. I don't do bottled water in my house we have a filter on the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking water and ice cubes.
5. I turn off my surge strip each time I cut off my computer so it cuts off the printer too. I just learned that while items are plugged in they even draw "juice" when they are off.
6. I open and close windows, open and close blinds and use ceiling fans to keep down on air and heating costs and use the sun and wind to heat and cool whenever possible.
7. My house is ALL electric, no gas at all.

What I'm going to do...
1. Unplug vcr's (which we NEVER use) and electric clocks and get battery wall clocks and get rechargeable batteries.
2. Walk in my neighborhood park and exercise in my house instead of driving to the gym during good weather.
3. Start a compost so I can garden next year.
4. Shop more at the farmers market.
Hey it's a start.

If you have a few minutes take this quiz to see how many planets it would take to support your lifestyle.

Homeschoolers alert: If you need activities for Earth Day, here is a link.


Don said...

happy earth day to you as well.

lemme see..besides the paper and plastic can i fail miserably.

and i love bottled water.

scared to open and close windows, although i do use the shine from open blinds alot.

i need to do better.

Lakisa Muhammad said...

Last week I started using homemade cleaners. I was shocked to find all the uses for vineger. Totally amazing. Vineger, baking soda and a little Dawn will clean your whole house. Who Knew?!


Sister P said...

@Don-Start small. Everything helps!
@Lakisa - I am a bit of a cleaning product junkie. I love the smells. That's the hardest vice for me to quit. I love the smell of Lysol bathroom cleaners, etc. but with a baby (ooops I mean Child) I'm getting more conscious about what I use in the tub.