Monday, April 7, 2008

Here I am...

So far I’ve bought myself some flowers for my birth month. I like fresh flowers and had not bought any for myself in a while. I always did that and was once told that if I always bought them for myself then a man wouldn’t buy them for me. Well, that’s not true. My husband will sometimes buy me two dozen roses and I already have some other bouquet on my desk. I like flowers and they are like jewelry, you can never have too much!

Also, I’ve given myself the gift of one hour of personal totally non-work related reading time. I do it during my therapy. During my pregnancy in 2004 I developed lymphedema and I’ve been using a machine like this to reduce the swelling in my ankles and feet when it gets to be too much. But I found out I should do it regardless of swelling for several months and then as needed. I got bad information on using this, I took directions from the equipment tech who brought it to me instead of asking my doctors for his recommendations for prescribing the therapy, DUH!

I have a lot of writing that I have not posted. I haven’t been online blog hopping lately. I’ve sort been in a news and celebrity detox mode (but did catch the Jayonce’ news).

I am having more big dreams about what will be my next big thing. I am really excited about what’s going on right now with my company and my family and will be glad to be past this step of my life.

I used to think I didn’t have time to manage 3 blogs but I was putting pressure on myself to write on them regularly. But to use blogging like a real journal, I can be sporadic here too. I’d really like to do my writing blog separate and one on homeschooling/child rearing. I think I’m going to. I really am.


Don said...

The one hour of personal time sounds very relaxing. Should help you to keep that impressive mind of yours in fresh mode.

I didn't even know you had three blogs.

Sister P said...

@Don--I'm going to start the other two. This one is getting to be too random and I really have some info for homeschoolers that gets lost in all the other stuff I have going on.
BTW-You look totally different with your mouth closed, LOL! (talking about the new photo for those who don't know)

is that so? said...

Even though I don't have kids I'd be interested in reading your home-schooling blog. Congratulations on giving yourself one hour of personal time.

Btw, you mentioned a really good blog a few posts back - "What about our daughters". It was a great discovery for me, thanks!

Sister P said...

@ITS--Glad you found it. I really enjoy that site. I was just on your blog today for the first time. Good writing indeed. Are you near Montreal? That is my and my husbands favorite get away. Haven't been since the dollar declined, it was a bargain when $100 US was $200. Last time I checked it was worth less, only about $90?

Smell Goods '98™ said...

Yes, flowers are like jewelry! I purchase them for myself and my husband surprises me with a Bunch or a Single.

You know I will be on that home-schooling blog. Keep me posted. Go for it!

Sister P said...

@SG98--You are one of my "birth month" inspirations. Russell Simmons is my other. When I read "Do You" he talked about taking a break and he takes a month around his birthday to give in to vices he normally abstains from. He even has some wine and sometimes a cigarette during that month. I'm sticking closer to your example!

Brother OMi said...

happy born day

some days i do a 24 hour fast where I don't watch any tv, go on the net or listen to the radio

i have done 3 hour speech fasts as well
very very very humbling. a friend of mine does it for 24 hours. i can't do it but one day i will

Sister P said...

Wow! I may try the speech fast on my next vacation with my husband. Maybe until dinner or something.
TV/RADIO/INTERNET/PHONE fasts are a must for me. I do that at least once every couple weeks for an entire day. I have one scheduled for tomorrow as a matter of fact.