Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tech Junkies Anon

My name is Sister P and I am addicted to technology.

I have tried to cut back on my addiction. I never bought the PSP that I longed for and I haven't bought a Wii (yet) but I'm about to give in and get this Kindle that I first heard Whoopi mention on The View a few months ago.

I think my tech Jones was subsiding because I haven't been traveling much. My husband and I would fly away at least once a month somewhere and drive somewhere every couple months and technology just felt necessary. GPS, cell phones, lap tops, etc. But taking my last trip alone, I wished I had more variety of reading materials without lugging around a bunch of magazines (which are getting heavier) and books. I had to lug my laptop but didn't even pull it out in the airport though all had wi-fi.

Does this look like something you'd like to have? The cost is what's holding me back. I think I'd rather have the Wii first (you have to prioritize).


Brother OMi said...

i wrote about this. i want it, i want it
just costs too much

we are getting a wii, someday

Sister P said...

That Wii is addictive. I am rearranging my TV room trying to create enough space for two people to box or play tennis without knocking each other out! I'll probably buy one in the fall. I'll use my nephew's all summer while he's here visiting :o)