Sunday, March 30, 2008

When you give, you're the one who gets

I made it to The D on Wednesday evening. I'll be here until Tuesday evening.

It was a bit of a run around to make the plane. My mother's doctors appointment isn't until Monday but I had to come Wednesday to even make it. That's because my paper prints Friday morning and I am usually up from Thursday morning until the print to get in last minute news and edits. Then my husband is out on distribution for several hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so it would have been tough to have him break and get me to the airport and juggle our daughter so I just left a day before all hell broke loose.

I have a GREAT friend who kept my daughter Friday night and then she told my husband to just come back to get her on Sunday morning. I homeschool her son with baby girl twice a week so we know them very well and she feels like she owes me all the time. I don't do it for the favors but it's feels good when you can "collect".

What I also got was the chance to spend some quality time with my mom. She is SO independent. She volunteers, is in a Red Hat group, goes to Bible study and church. Has girlfriends and they take cruises and other vacations. She has a vehicle (that is paid for) and is not wanting for anything financially. But spending time with her in her home, I realize that she is still a bit lonely. She could use more attention from her daughters. I call her at least twice a day but my sister only makes it by about once or twice every couple weeks even though she lives 20 minutes away.

A need to start coming in a couple times a year without my family so I can spend time focused on her and anything she needs. It's never much, but I know how it feels to have someone doing something good for you that you didn't ask for and I want her to feel that because she deserves it.

I have also had a great time so far. I wake up leisurely. I went shopping and actually had time to try on clothes and look in the mirror (mothers with children under 5 know what I mean). I went to see Juno (ladies married to Black men know they wouldn't be caught sleeping in there) with my mom. She complimented my eyebrows, which is as good as it gets around here, LOL!

My dad is coming to get me and I'll spend a few hours with him today watching TV and arguing about Barack and Kwame and letting him tell me I don't know shit and listening as he tells me how beautiful I am then asking me how fat am I going to get, LOL! Then with tears in his eyes, he'll look at issues of my newspaper and tell me how proud he is and then tell me about his new $1500 Stingray boots he had made on a trip to Korea in January or show me his new $400 golf club. If you think I have random thoughts...he's my mentor!

But I am having such a peaceful trip because I know that my daughter is taken care of and my husband is getting enough rest as he gets his work done.

I got my paper to press on time all the way from Detroit and will do my radio show by telephone.

My moms appointment is tomorrow and my mom, sister and I spent last night online looking up all the words we didn't know from her test results so we'll be ready to grill the specialist :0)

I know I came here to support my mom, but this is just what I needed too. Some time with my parents focused on them and them focused on their very special way.

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