Monday, March 31, 2008

Blogroll do over - Part 5

I believe that anyone who professes to be a writer should do two things each day. Number one is WRITE and Number two is READ. Two more blogs that keep me up on any details or tidbits I may have missed in the news AND do it intelligently are
Jack and Jill Politics and What About Our Daughters

What I like about them both is that they are issue oriented. WAOD title is self explanatory. They champion the cause of young Black girls and women. Not even the NAACP and Al Sharpton are spared if they find themselves on the wrong side of right when it comes to our daughters. Big props to that crew.

Since I have this love - hate thing with the Jack and Jill organization I love the title of the JAJP blog. It is unashamedly bourgeois but for some reason I don't mind. I love to see "booghee" Barack supporters (most I know are for HC) so this blog suits me just fine.

Many more to come...

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Don said...

I too enjoy WOAD's blog. Gina has put together some quality stuff there. I often read, yet never comment.