Monday, March 10, 2008

See...what had happened was... Mac ate my homework!

Yes, I am the only person in publishing who can't work a Mac.

I wanted to say that I have been commenting on blogs for the past couple weeks and when I go back to see other comments mine is not there. It happens when I use the internet on my Mac. So, I'm really not MIA on your sites. I guess I'm closing the box before it posts. I thought I had some really funny comments too.

UNLESS, I'm being censured. It's happened twice on African Girl's site and once on Don's and Lovebabz.

Is this really a conspiracy to shut down Sister P?


G.D. said...

censored? why?

Sister P said...

Just a joke GD. I know two of my favorite peeps wouldn't shut me down. Me and African Girl joke about people who have these "blog beefs". They want everyone to agree with them and their crew and if you don't you get banned and dissed for life. I won't mention those sites or I'll be on the list! Thanks for stopping by, your site is one of the illest around!

Don said...

lol @ my MAC ate my homework.

I remember you mentioned it on my blog. Dont worry, I'll never shut you down. I appreciate you. Still remember your kinds words.

Name those "blog beefs." You know I dont mind making a post about em. Please. Please. Please. LOL.

African girl, American world said...


I don't remember seeing any comments from you