Sunday, March 9, 2008

Movie recommendations

I'm not a big movie fan. I love a good movie, but I'm often disappointed as good ones are hard to come by.

African Girl recommended The Namesake on her blog. I'm usually a fan of this type of movie. It's like what a good reality show would be like. You're just watching as the characters lives happen to them. It's really a great story that a couple could watch. It's not too mushy for the men and it's romantic and sentimental enough for the women.

"G" rated movies that are not full of talking animals and have real Black characters are almost unheard of. So I had to check out College Road Trip.

What I liked:
1. That it had two caring parents and two exceptional children who weren't terribly mean to each other.
2. It was funny to adults.
3. No Black men dressed as women. (Big ups to Dave C.)

What I didn't like:
1. The make up was bad! Raven looked hot in all that ish.
2. The father was the chief of police and the only friends of the parents we saw were white and all of Raven's friends were non-Black. Is that a statement on "making it"? Do you run out of Black counterparts?

I would recommend this for an older child. Maybe 3-4th grade and older. Younger, it will probably hold their attention but they won't get it.

Two movies and two thumbs up!

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Thanks for sharing your review on "College Road Trip" it looks like a good movie for the family.