Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just fine...

Whew! I am through with that moment I was having. I had to press forward and basically get an entire new staff. Interviewing all these people and reading all these writing samples took me through something. I knew it was time to grow and my little family was growing and I was resisting. I had to get myself in check so I could effectively manage all of the personalities and philosophies and opinions that come with the new people.

I hired 2 new sales people; a project editor; an on air personality and brought on two new freelance writers (and hopefully one more Omi :).

It would seem like I'd be saying, "Whew! More help!" but it means a lot of work in an area with which I struggle, MANAGEMENT. I had to free my mind and my plate so I would manage my new staff well. They are a great team and if managed properly, we'll see some real progress around here.

This time reminds me of the beginning of my company. The energy and excitement of the people I have around me is contagious. I know that they would not have applied for these positions if they did not see a place that was on the move and something they would be proud to associate with. I am proud of my company. Proud of my and my husbands accomplishments.

I have a new reminder on my desk that reads, "wdUt?" It's code for "what do YOU think?"

Because in the end, that's all that really matters.


African girl, American world said... you know I have more free time on my hands so call me if you need me.

Don said...


Continued accomplishments for you and yours.

Smell Goods '98™ said...

"wdUt" Yup, that is all that matters!