Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's good in The D

Detroit is more than crime and Kwame.

It's a place that nurtured me and taught me that the Black experience is as diverse as snowflakes. No two people or their stories are ever the same.

My sister is a minister (not a pastor) and each year her church serves as a warming station for the homeless. This is not her church but you can see that it's done across the city.

For a week each church uses their resources to provide for the homeless. Her church does soup and sandwiches and provides blankets and I think some cots. She said some have jobs and need an early wake up. She also said that there is a very organized group that provides them with online information and flyers so they know which churches are open and on which bus line. Though the city is ranked the poorest and many don't have much, we share what we've got and we take care of our own.


Lovebabz said...

Wishing you a day of deserved peace, boundless joy and Love Love Love!

General Nikki X said...

Black Power & Greetings Sister P.
I'm new to your spot and I'll be back when time avails. Thank you for visiting The Black Fist Blog! Come back soon.


Don said...

I was born in Detroit Michigan. All I remember is cold weather, and people who dressed nice. lol.

Seriously though, it is kinda bad how people now want to associate Detroit with Eminem and that mayor.

Happy Valentines Day, Sister P.