Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nick Jr. is the debil too!

It's more than Disney. I could go on about a bunch but let's also take a look at Nick Jr. and their insistence on eliminating the positive images of Blacks. I came back to this because I was speaking to a local author who published a series of books that show images of how Blacks have been portrayed over the years. She not only collects Black memorabilia but all "happy meal toys" from McD's and a lot of Disney and other toy-type items. She is 58 and when I finished sharing my sentiments, she said in a low voice. "You just helped me see what was right in front of my own eyes." In her book on the Black child, she shared that often Blacks were shown as animals (mainly crows and bears) in children's books. And it's still going on, just subtly. She hadn't paid attention to what was on TV for children because she doesn't have any. She said to me, "They don't even want our images in front of their own children so they make us animals."

Exhibit A: Positive Black images
Gullah Gullah Island was a great show on from December 1994 - January 1998. The show is no longer on nor are the DVD's still available in retail stores. (I hear reruns are on Noggin but I don't get that channel) Total run: About 3 years.
Little Bill showed a great family life with real stories. Aired September 2000-September 2002. No DVD's available and was on CBS on and off on Sunday's. Total run: 2 years

Exhibit B: Other minorities and Black's animals
Dora the Explorer has been running non-stop since 1999 and they made a spin-off show, Go Diego Go in 2005. Both are Latino and teach Spanglish. Total run: 8 years and still going.
The Backyardigans were created by a sister and features some Black voices, but they are little creatures and not real children. Running strong since 2004.

The whole point that I'm making is that if you even WANT to expose your children to positive images of themselves to spark their imagination and creativity (before they are able to read) then it is a hard and arduous task.

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Brother OMi said...

i agree one hundred percent...
but if you ask me, dora's dad is a black man.