Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reflections on my husband for his birthday

For my husband’s birthday, I had idea’s and plans…but no money. But I am lucky because my husband is one who prefers anything made by my hands over any restaurant or store bought anything.

I helped baby girl make him a card, made a great dinner and made his favorite dessert, chocolate cake and some strawberry-ish ice cream. Didn’t have strawberry money, but I had some strawberry extract, LOL.

Cooking from scratch has turned into a great passion of mine. As I try to resolve my weight issues once and for all, I realize that cooking for myself will be a big portion of the solution. Though cake and ice cream aren’t made for weight loss menu’s, it is good to control the amount of sugar and what ingredients are used. Also, there is just something loving about having people over to enjoy something you put your heart into and presenting a meal for your family each night that has your own unique spin on it.

Back to the birthday…

What is a strange coincidence is that my first husband's birthday was just one day before Hubby's. And all I can say is, "What a difference a day makes!"

As I grow, I see my husband differently. I am always in admiration of his intelligence and conviction. He’s not a punk about ANYTHING. He takes a stand for stuff that I may initially think to be “nothing”. But he sees the big picture all the time and can quickly tell how allowing just that one thing to slide is going to have a ripple effect that you won’t want to be on the end of. I appreciate him allowing me to be me, while challenging me to strive to do more and better than the day before.

Back to his birthday…

But I really see in him what I was missing; a partner who was as passionate about Black people as I was and still am. Someone who lives, breathes and will die thinking about how we can make our existence here in the wilderness of North America better. Each year as his wisdom and delivery become more refined, I sit and marvel. He is a gift to us all and I know he was especially made for me to love.


African girl, American world said...

Happy Birthday Mr. L! Looking good to be 25! LOL

Brother OMi said...

tell him i said happy born day

i tell my wife all the time that she does not have to get me anything. she gave me my beautiful family. that's all i need

then again, my mother and siblings always shower me with gifts.