Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blogroll do over - Part 2

I graduated from high school in 1986 and hip hop was just coming to The D. I really remember staying up to listen to the radio after my mom went to bed so I could hear the mix shows around the time that Lodi Dodi (Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh) came out. That had to be 1984 or so. But ever since, I've been hooked. I got deeper and deeper into it while in college. I saw Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, MC Lyte and others right on campus at Central State. I am one who does believe that hip hop is a culture, a mindset.

That's why I love Omi's spot. His movie and book reviews are from my perspective and I can relate. His analysis on current events, are always relate-able and so hip-hop. Of course I don't always agree, but it's always a good time and he's open to whatever you have to say.

Two of my passions are combined and turned into nothin' but love on D-Nice's spot. You all know D-Nice as the DJ from Boogie Down Productions (BDP). He was on the "Self Destruction" project and according to history reports, he helped write Lyte's rhyme. Well he is still a popular DJ and is now a professional photographer and he share's some of his work on his site. I have been into photography since I was in high school and have been dabbling at it ever since and I love to look at other peoples work. He has so many shots of rappers from days gone by and also the up and coming crew. I LOVE THIS SITE.

Both are a safe place to go and not be ashamed to love hip-hop. (Like I'd ever be ashamed...but you get my point).

Still more to come!


Brother OMi said...

thanks sis. i appreciate your support. I DIG YOUR BLOG too... mad dope
matter of fact, i gave the link to a sister yesterday who was thinking about home schooling.

Don said...

I didnt know you read D-Nice's blog. I love his blog as well. And not just because its great old school hip hop. Dude takes some great photographs, and of course I am in love with his wife. LOL.