Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Before this goes too far....

Hopefully anyone reading this blog knows full well that Min. Farrakhan did not "endorse" Sen. Obama. As a matter of FACT, last year, The Minister publicly gave the Senator permission to distance himself from him and any other controversial Black figure if it would make him the victor.

Yes, Sister P is a Muslim and member of The Nation. However, as a reasonably intelligent person who knows many brilliant Black men the age of Min. Farrakhan (74) I KNOW that he knows that his endorsement would only cause the mischief makers to attack Sen. Obama. Who, by the way, is currently being ridiculed for even having the middle name Hussein.

They are even trying to get Obama to distance himself from his own pastor. He's too smart for that. I love how news pundits have said that Obama "rejected the endorsement of Farrakhan" when he really said, "I denounce any statements he made that were anti-semitic." Get the difference? I heard, "If you think he said something against Jews, then I denounce that."

I personally think it would be a bad move for Sen. Obama to make a definitive move away from anyone Black. I believe that he has so much support because he in an independent thinker and if he buckled to pressure to make a symbolic gesture to distance himself, he'd come off looking shady.

Try again CNN! We've been Black for too long to fall for this crap.

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Brother OMi said...

it's so bugged cause the mainstream media will make an issue of the smallest thing.

so what if Farrakhan endorsed him or not? his right if he wanted to support him.

and they need to get his name right.