Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The neighborhood park

We take baby-girl to the park almost daily. Me and my hubby alternate but every time I go I get p'd off by PARENTS ON THE DAGBLAMMED PHONE.

MESSAGE TO THE IDIOTS (feel free to read it even if you aren't one, LOL!)

You bring your CHILD to the playground then sit in a swing that the kids could be swingin' in and talk your ass off!!!

Then your child keeps yellin' "could SOMEBODY help me?" and other parents have to split time with their children to BABYSIT for you.

The best part is talk loud enough for all to hear "yeah, Imma' get off now, I'm at the park with my pookums" and then stay on for another 20 minutes, then as soon as you hang up you say, "Let's go".

Didn't your momma teach you that it's rude to carry on a conversation in front of other people when they aren't included? That includes your children!!!

Are you afraid that someone in the park is going to think that you HAVE to hang out with your child because you don't have friends?

CLUE: You probably don't have any friends because from where I am, I only hear you talking a mile a minute and I'm sure the other person is ignoring you!

OK, I'm done. I just feel so bad for the children who are YEARNING for attention and the selfish dummies who are called parents can't see that.

P.S. I just LOVE watching baby girl play. I feel like the best mom in the world when I see her having a ball.


The Humanity Critic said...

People on cell phones happen to be my particular bone of contention - I can just imagine your irritation..

African girl, American world said...

I miss my little Miss N calling me Bobby. I need to see her again soon.

CreoleInDC said...

Where are you Chica?????