Friday, July 13, 2007

Never scared...nervous maybe....but scared, NEVER!

I'm back, thanks for checking for me Creole and others. Duty called and I had to put in some major work to make sure we stay in business. I own a newspaper and a radio program and every once in a while I have to put myself on punishment to get all of my work done. But I'm out of the's something I was working on before my departure....

Because I write and talk for a living I think that I have been deliberately random and vague here. But that ends today. I still need to vent now and again and so since my blog is pretty unknown and rarely read, I'll go a little more in depth this time.

Those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Sister P in person don't know that I am sooooo opinionated and often find myself in verbal sparring matches with those who are ill-equipped to be in the ring.

More often though, people talk about me behind my back because it's easier than facing me or they are feeling people out to see if they can get away with their attempt at character assassination.

Without getting too personal...I don't just "run" a newspaper...I own it.

I covered a story about where I felt some young men were being prosecuted to fullest extent of the law just to make an example out of them (see page 2 of this paper)

Because of this fact I really can't stand our local prosecuting attorney.

Well, you may have read how excited I was about jury duty. I got called for what could be a 2 day trial and I'm too hyped. They begin asking us all of these elimination type questions and one is, "Who knows the prosecutor?" I don't "know" him other than professionally but wanted to make it known, so I asked to approach the bench.

What I told the judge was this, "I don't like "bald headed midget prosecutor" and I know he's not personally trying the case, but if he comes in here I may get distracted because he over charges Black people and also I'm on his email list and get sent links to his innappropriate, unprofessional website."

Because I approached the bench, they put white noise on so no one could hear me except the judge and attorneys. It wasn't a shocker that I didn't get picked for the jury but here's the KICKER!

The head of the local Human Rights Commission comes up to me a couple of weeks later and says, "I heard how you got out of jury duty!" I say "WHAT????" He says that "bald headed midget prosecutor" told him about what I said.

Hubby says don't sweat it but I'm fuming and now paraniod that he's going to try and get me.

Well about a week later, I run into "bald headed midget prosecutor" and ask him how this person heard what I said. He says that he heard the tape and mentioned it to "few people". For what??? He says, "I can do that."

I know that he was testing the waters to see who would have my back if he came after me. But I know all the Black folks and you just wouldn't want to mess with the owner of the Black paper, I could devote pages to discrediting you.

I won't tell you exactly what I said to him so I can deny it if ever called to testify in my own defense, LOL, but I will say that I let him know that Yvonne didn't raise no punks and Sister P ain't neva' scared.