Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Die N!&&ers, Die!!!!!!!!!

I know the NAACP buried the word n.i.gg.er, but I didn't. Every once in a while there is just no other appropriate word for a person so ignorant...literally one who is not knowledgeable.

We publish an annual directory of Black owned businesses in the area. It comes out in the fall so right now we are running ads in our paper (the local Black paper).

Last week I had a voice message at my office. It was a young man who was obviously Black basically saying this...

"Me and some other Black business owners were talking and we're sick of this paper talking about Black this and Black that. First you say we all need to come together then you ask for Black people to put their names in this book. Black this and Black that. That shit's crazy. You need to grow up and get a life. Thank you."

I dont' know what other loser business owners he's talking to because we had to stop accepting ads because we had too many for the number of pages we are doing. And what makes a fool pick up the phone just to discourage someone from doing something. Obviously he reads the paper because the ad he mentioned is on page 6 or 10 or somewhere DEEP in the paper.

Just three things dear brother...."Don't hate or participate....Just die nigger, DIE!"

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