Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Always be prepared

We had dinner with another family last week and I always offer to bring something since most Muslims eat a pretty elaborate supper and it makes for lots of cooking when you have guests. I had about 2 1/2 hours so I offered to bake a chocolate cake but she preferred pie or pound cake. I happened to have a pie in the freezer so we just grabbed some ice cream to go with it and we were good!
This reminded me that I have one of those food savers (you put the food in special plastic and it pulls all the air out so it lasts for years in the freezer and when it thaws, its just like you made it) which saved me from eating so much Wendy's and Arby's when I was expecting. I always had quiche, navy bean soup, pie, cookie dough and other things frozen so we always had healthy food ready for emergency's. I have been struggling to cook and clean the kitchen each night because we are running into our busy season but I could be cooking bigger meals and freezing some for later.
I have known this but I need a reminder now and then, that everything you need, you already have. Meaning, the solution to every problem I have, is somewhere in my brain if I could calm myself to access it.

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