Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tired of talking about......

There are some subjects that I am just tired of discussing.
#1 WEIGHT and DIETS- If someone see's me and says, "You're losing weight. What are you doing?" I say, "Eating less, moving more." But noooooo that's not enough. What are you eating? What are you doing for exercise? How many times do you work out each week? and, and, and, and, There are many ways to lose it, like there are many ways to gain it. Quit talking about it, just be about it. I especially get tired of OVERweight people telling you about how they lost 10 pounds. I don't care. I REALLY don't.

#2 MONEY (or should I say lack of) - Everyone I talk to is grown. So as an adult you can do something about your finances. Again, just be about it and quit talking about it.

#3 HAIR-This was given to me by a friend. Black women and their hair rituals/obsessions are driving me crazy. Which relaxer gets your hair straighter...which colors are "natural"....are braids professional....should I grow locks.....

Typical conversation:
Sister P: Did anyone watch the "Black" democratic presidential candidate debates on PBS?
Black Woman #1: Girl naw, I was online reading about this new prune and banana diet.
BW#2: I was at the beauty shop until 10:30 getting some highlights.

Most of us don't talk about showering, shaving under our arms, brushing our teeth. It's a given and it's personal. I'd like money, dieting and hair to be the same.

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