Thursday, April 26, 2007

My unexpectedly wonderful birthday

Considering this is a press week for us I didn't expect to do much for my birthday. But....I guess my wonderfully insightful husband saw that I needed a break. He reminded me that we don't have anyone to answer to except each other and Allah and that we should push our deadline back so I could slow down. And I was a relief. The weather was georgeous and even though I stayed in all day I get the afternoon sun and sunset in my living room. We have sliding doors in there so there is a huge view and I feel as if I'm outside. My husband let me give him directions to cook our dinner and he had ordered german chocolate cupcakes from Brown's Bakery (highly recommended). After dinner I took a nap and awoke magically in the nick of time for on of my two hours of guiltless pleasure on TV, Grey's Anatomy. (I fool myself into feeling that somehow I'm supporting the sister who created it, but I'm so hooked on her writing skills.) So now I'm back to reality and doing some editing but thought I'd stop in here to give thanks to Allah for giving me this wonderful life and giving me another year to try and get it right.

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