Monday, April 30, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

What's good?
I did a "Biggest Loser" competition and went to the finale. The sister who won lost over 40 pounds in 12 weeks!!! Impressive. It was a great night of sharing success stories and eating tasty, properly proportioned food. It's always a tense situation when I go to a church. Somehow there's always a negative Muhammad or Allah speech. But we were right at home and they praised
God without tearing down His other names. Shout out to LeDatta, an excellent writer, who was the first runner up and lost BIG poundage. You look GOOD girl! The other good news is, I'm still going with the weight loss and I'm still feeling motivated.

I'll combine the bad and the ugly for's THAT bad and THAT ugly!
Last year I reported a story that was so sad because some teenagers made a bad judgement call and found themselves in trouble with the law. The mothers of the children were clueless as to how to get help and no one around them had sound advice. After we put thier story in the paper a pastor offered to help. It came with a few requirements for the boys but the mom's took the help, because it was the only help offered. As I was covering the case it seemed like a lot of "weird" things were going on so I called 3 "soldiers" and asked them to attend a meeting that the pastor was having with the mothers to make sure he wasn't leading them in the wrong direction. The soldiers suggested picketing in front of the court house to draw attention to the case. The pastor said no, "We're doing this God's way". Did this dude just presume that the soldiers were not with God??? Then all sorts of drama erupted when the pastors wife got up and talked about how she didn't want anything to happen to her husband if they started calling out judges, etc. "The Lord just sent me this man and I'm not going to let anyone take him away from me!" Pu-leeze! Then a scared member of the church started talking about how she saw the police put dogs on people for picketing. Yes, she did!!! Dog's...sicked on Big City Wanna Be,KY 2006!!! Then the pastor talked about having hundreds pack the court room as a show of strength. He couldn't get 15 "protestors" there on any day. So that was a busted idea! Well, needless to say there was not a protest, no public awareness of the case, and the boys were mistreated by the system and were sentenced on Friday to 15, 16 and 17 years in prison. NOW the pastor wants to hold press conferences and have a justice panel with local judges, etc. NOW the pastor is callling in to radio shows that are giving out misinformation and calling for the boys to get the maximum sentence. TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

This is both BAD and UGLY and SHAMEFUL. I feel so bad for those boys, that sometimes I want to put down my pen and take to the streets, but someone has to document this crap and I'm glad to do it with as much "slant" as I can. But really, I'd much rather report something PROACTIVE instead of always getting the REACTION.

Why are people afraid to defend the defenseless? Why don't people become involved based on principle instead of based on relationship to the victim?

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