Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How REAL radio could change this town!

***Caution--Uncensored music lyrics below***
OK, just 2 days into my XM adventure and I've had a revelation. In my opinion, radio in Lexington is only filthy R&B or country or conservative talk. So there's nothing to listen to except Key Conversations every Sunday at 6pm on 630 AM (that's somewhat of a joke, if you didn't know that's my radio show!) Well, with XM I feel like I am back in The D. I can hear new soul, old soul, Black talk, jazz, world music, everything! It gives me a feeling of connectedness too. Knowing that I am hearing what people all over the country are hearing makes me feel good for some reason. When I listen to the local "urban" station I feel manipulated. Like someone is telling me what to listen to and deciding what Black music is for me. OK, I'm rambling but HERE IS THE REVELATION.
A few years ago I was telling someone that we are all going to pay a price for feeding the youth this diet of filth and disease we call music. Can you imagine going to see a doctor who just finished listening to "Wait'll you see my dick"? What about your child's teacher listening to "Pop that coochie" during lunch? Or worse, your daughters date coming to get her with Akon's un-cut CD playing "I want to fuck you" as they ride to the movies? This diet of music is changing how we see each other. Wouldn't you rather the teens hear Cameo singing, "We're going out tonight" or Jaheim's "Put that woman first"?
Since getting our radio, my husband and I have been sitting around sharing memories associated with certain songs. We're just feeling normal again. We can turn off the TV and listen to some good music on a real sound system. Not just the Internet radio we were forced to settle for and to me this is easier than trying to make my own playlist for an iPod. I like having a dj and if I don't like what's playing I can switch stations, unlike locally. As you can see, I could do a commercial for XM. But I really think the lack of "diversity" in music and talk choices for Blacks here is playing on our collective psyche.


Anonymous said...

The Beat plays garbage and Doug Banks is a sorry replacement for Tom Joyner!!!

African girl, American world said...

I agree about Doug Banks. I am still salty about Tom leaving Lexington. And how bout when all 3 stations are playing the EXACT same song at the same time!? I want to scream!