Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why a blog?

I know, I know, I hear you talking to your screen.

Yes, I write and talk for a living. What else could I possibly have to say? LOTS! Mostly, I get tired of being neutral and need to let some things out.

And I want to give perspective on being a working Black woman. I think we give too many excuses for what we don't accomplish. The truth is; if it is important to us, we get to it. If we really don't give a damn, but it's important to someone else, we make excuses. If we don't give a damn and no one else gives a damn, we just skip it.

Now before you judge me and say that I'm trying to be superwoman, just calm down and keep reading.

I'm saying that I am 3 days before my 38th birthday and I'm being reflective and honest. Honestly, I need to lose some weight. I've lost 16 pounds but I haven't really tried hard. I could do much more. I have a company that is not where it could be but I'm doing other stuff with my time like doing this blog and programming my new XM radio. It's almost 1 a.m. and I still haven't finished cleaning my kitchen. But I know this and I'm about to do something. I guess what I'm trying to say is, let's keep it real people.

Most of us can do way more than we are doing and I'm looking to be inspired by those who are living their best life or at least striving.

I'm looking forward to this...join me!