Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Woman's Work Wednesday - Bedding Laundry


The single most easily accumulated laundry category in my life is bedding.

We have big beds. My daughter's bed is a Queen and ours is King. The spreads and comforters are HUGE.

At this point we have about 2-3 sets of bedding covers for each bed and 4-5 sets of sheets for each. It was fast becoming a storage nightmare.

So here's my solution:

Invest in these bags.

I have smashed down items under beds, in the garage and even on the attic stairs.

Pick a number!

My magic number is two and three. My daughter has three sets of sheets in rotation. My husband and I are only allowed two because of the sheet size. This makes me have to keep to a strict ''strip and wash'' habit.

Recently, I started this habit of folding and pillow casing each set. It's helpful for my space constraints.

Of course, mine look NO WHERE near this neat, but they are more compact and easy to store this way.

Also, I saw this video that teaches how to fold a fitted sheet alone. I don't remember how I learned but was amazed how many people didn't know how. Hope it's useful.

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