Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Return To Writing Creatively

The last 13 years of my writing life have been as a journalist.

I report stories and I research topics for radio. Strictly the facts, simply stated. For radio, my well stated opinion of those facts.

The journalism rule, has become a grind.

*insert long yawn here*

My soul is fed by well crafted stories. Non-fiction, fiction, memoir...I love reading them and wanted my turn writing them.

2015 is about returning to the things I love.

More reading, more writing are near the top of this list.

Below is a list of some great authors and their work that has fed my soul in past few years.

Tayari Jones, Leaving Atlanta
Jesmyn Ward, Salvage the Bones
Asha Bandele, Something Like Beautiful
Sister Souljah, The Midnight Series

I have several dusty pages of scenes written years ago that I thought may turn into short stories. I love short story form. One of my favorite collections of ''newer'' authors is, Got To Be Real: Four Original Love Stories (Eric Jerome Dickey, E. Lynn Harris, Marcus Major, Colin Channer)

However, reading these good works left me wanting more for my work. Writing as a journalist rarely allows me to create scene or go very far beyond the present. I haven't practiced writing long form.

Someone tagged me in Facebook post about a one week writing residency. I thought for a few days and decided to dust off some 10+ year old work and apply.

To my joy and surprise, I was accepted for an all inclusive, no-fee, Summer Writing Residency though the Kentucky Foundation of Women. Our instructor for the week was author, Crystal Wilkinson who is also a university writing instructor.

After days of writing exercises and having these chapters workshopped, I'm now convinced (and have been encouraged) that these can turn into a novel.

My plan is to do a post about the residency experience and my first experience with having my writing workshopped.

I must always remember, no matter what I'm writing, that writers write and writers read.

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