Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Womens Work Wednesday - Getting it together

I love order and rules.

Give me a rule, that makes sense, and I will follow it.

I realized around September that I had a lot of goals and no clear path to completion. I felt that I could get more out of my day than I was, but felt helpless to fix it all.

So what did I do? I googled ''[my city] + life coach''.

I looked at websites of the first few and after three, I went right back to the first one.

My coach is a sister who I didn't know but, when I put her name into Facebook, we knew many of the same people. I loved her website and the fact that her program is called ''Get Shit Done''. A cussing woman, is my kind of woman (sad to say LOL).

What I lacked was a daily and monthly plan.

My daily routine consisted of: 1. Get up. 2. Catch up. 3. Go to bed.

It was that bad.

Here's my tips for finding a goal/life coach:

1. You have to like them. See who you like via the web, then schedule a get to know you meeting. If you click, great. If not, move on!!

2. Accountability. You will be paying this person with your hard earned money. They should give you tips and tasks then follow up with you or have you text or message them in some way when you've done your part. The COACH should be your accountability partner. Beware of a coach who asks you to name an accountability partner.

3. Have an end game. Just like therapy (I've only heard because therapy isn't for me) there should be a goal of you becoming independent. My initial package was for 2 sessions with support in between and then we'd evaluate.  After 2 session, I graduated! I wasn't starting from scratch. I was organized at other points in my life, I just lost my way back. In the future, I'll contact her again when I'm ready to do my 5 year plan and we'll contract that project. Or I'll call if  I fall back off the wagon and need different tools to stay on track.

4. Tools. They should give you a packet, some links, some apps, a bunch of stuff to try that may make your life easier and make you accountable to yourself.

5. Reward system vs. Penalty system. I interviewed a coach who talked about giving myself consequences if I failed. Whaaa??? The consequence is a disorganized life, that's penalty enough. My coach has a daily sheet for me to map my day and there is a space for me to write what I'll savor if I'm successful. That worked better for me. (There's a whole 'nother post I could write about not knowing how to reward myself, but I won't digress right now)

5. Rates. Expect to pay $75-$100 per session. It was totally worth it to get hours back each day.

I won't share the tips that I was given, because I respect my coaches hustle and won't give her stuff away. But I didn come across a link that had a lot of the things that we discussed in it.

10 Things Organized People Do Everyday

Also, the super creative blogging entrepreneur of a mom Adrienne did this video about her tips for getting organized.


Dawna said...

Useful post .. thanks.. I like order too

Sister P said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Dawna! I appreciate your comments.