Monday, January 5, 2015


Today is January 5, 2015

Today I really miss journaling and blogging. For me, journaling is more personal and hand written in a book using a pencil. Blogging is visual. It's words and pictures completing a thought.

Today I decided that I'm taking this blog on my journey to reboot my life. A return to all the things I love and that make me happy.

A return to my solitary lifestyle that I find quite peaceful and fulfilling.

I'm still a Muslim wife and mother, who is a writer, entrepreneur and radio show host who likes to cook, sew and create. I still love to laugh daily and read novels about people who I'd love to meet if they were real. I still have the attention span of a gnat and switch focus often but like a homing pigeon I always come back to those people and things that I love the most.

I missed you dear blog and blog readers. I hope to reconnect and meet more of you this year through the web.


Kila Shali said...

YAY! You made my morning! I look forward to keeping in touch through our blogs. I miss you!

Kila Shali said...

By the way, that's a really nice picture :)

Itiel McVay said...

I miss you too.

Sister P said...

Kila - It's an old picture, but it was a good day as I recall it. Glad I'll see you over here and hopefully on your blog too!

Itiel - I'm so glad to be back. It's my happy space :o)