Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 In Review

So here’s my rundown of my year that was 2013

Best thing I did for myself with the help of Allah: I let go of my feelings of inadequacy and for the greater good, relinquished my homeschool duties to my husband. It was tough as we transitioned. I missed being her teacher. But in truth and honesty, my husband is better equipped. He is more informed and better read than I am and we are teaching at such an accelerated pace, based on her interest, that I spent too many hours on preparation. Plus, he taught HS carpentry and mathematics for nearly 20 years before our babygirl came along. I am now PROUD of my husband for stepping up and feel no guilt or shame that he’s the best man for the job.

Best habit(s) I picked up with the help of Allah: I tried running for almost 2
months. I actually LOVED it. I have a few things to put in place before I can resume, but it is really something I can see doing for myself.
Second habit: Filing my receipts in a plastic pouch in my purse. O-M-G. When I’m balancing my account and can’t remember a charge, when I want to see if a price for an item is cheaper than I paid before, when I have a return or exchange…it is incredibly freeing to have these at my fingertips! Part 2 of this is organizing my purse. EVERYTHING has it’s own case within the purse. It have saved HOURS this year because I know where everything is.

Best new hobby with the permission of Allah: Extreme couponing. I’m not the type of couponer that will take ANYTHING because it’s free or cheap. I look for what we need and buy as much as I can with the amount I have available. I’ve amassed quit a stockpile of laundry supplies, toilet paper, paper towel and toiletries like expensive razors blades for my husband who sports a baldie and hair color for me *wink*.

Best thing I did for my family with the help of Allah: I began really studying and parsing How To Eat to Live Books 1&2 by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad as part of a class I’m enrolled in. We have changed our diets dramatically and though costly, it is offset by my coupon savings.

Best business power move of the year with the help of Allah: We left our, no longer beneficial, 8 year old radio contract and took the bold move to syndicate our own radio show. It’s the same amount of work for us, just with greater risk and greater reward. So far so good, but are continually in prayer and discussion to keep this business going. We’ve been all an all-in self-employed family since about 2005 and there’s no looking back. We are blessed with supportive family and friends who keep realistic, yet conscious of the trail we’re blazing. ALL praise is due to ALLAH.

If you’ll join me in the shallow lands here are a few more high points:
·       I started taking a B-complex vitamin and BAM, I have more energy and mental focus.
·       I am photographed A LOT and I am not photogenic at all. People who are
truthful with me tell that I look better in person. I dropped in to the mall one day and on the spur of the moment allowed myself to be made up at the Lancome counter. Since that day, I do not do public events without make up. It’s not much, just bit of liquid foundation, mascara and some barely tinted lip moisturizer but it has made a difference to me.
·       I have quit talking on the phone to friends. My best cousin and my best friend each get a call once every 2-3 months and we chat it up until we’re caught up. I only make time for my mom and dad. My mom is a daily call. My dad and I talk every Sunday and whenever else we have something, usually silly or mundane, to say.
·       My car is insured and properly registered! (Somebody just felt that)
My wish for all who stop by this blog: May you have PEACE with all that Allah has in store for your life in 2014. The good and the bad and the lessons.

Sister P


Itiel McVay said...

I see you, Sister P! All of your personal achievements are outstanding. I smiled at each one of them, and gave you virtual hip bumps on the first and fifth points, and for the Lancome girlie experience. Continue on your journey of being whole. #360Love


Sister P said...

Thanks for the comment Itiel!! ''Whole'' feels WONDERFUL!