Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fascinating Couponer

I had to come back...I'm officially a COUPONER.

I went to cover a story about Black women couponing and I photographed this sister buying $90 worth of hot dogs and they gave her back 11 cents! (She bought the hotdogs for a community event and the proceeds will benefit the Salvation Army)

Then they gave me some coupons I saved 64%

For $17.90 I bought:
2 - Liquid Purex Detergent (50 loads each)
2 - Bryers Ice Cream
6 pack Bounty Duratowels
2 - 8 quart Country Time Lemonade Mix
3 Green Giant Frozen brussel sprouts
1 pack of cupcake papers (on sale for 88 cents and I used a $1 coupon and got 11 cents toward the rest!)

Plus got 46 fuel points because if you register your card online you get double points in July on Fri-Sat-Sun.

Organic Couponing: You probably won't save much on your organics, a dollar here or there. BUT if you focus oncombining coupons and deals for laundry /cleaning supplies and treats like Breyers, etc. you can get cash back that can be used on non-sale items.
Example: The first 10 items on my list were a buy 10 get $5 cash back offer which came off at the register. 
Tip: The best organic coupons I've used so far have been by registering my Kroger card and downloading special savings to my card. No clipping, just keep a list of what coupons you have downloaded and buy those items.

Plan Ahead: This is a list with items that I don't normally buy. We actually don't use paper towels any more, we use napkins that I make from scrap cloth. However, we have a family of 5 coming to visit and we'll need paper towels. So I found a coupon and it was part of the deal. Same with Country Time. Don't usually buy that, but I can use this to stretch my homemade iced tea. Half organic/half commercial/ 8 happy people. Again, 5 extra people washing laundry. The Purex is great because of cost. If want some extra lift for whites try adding baking soda or Borax.

The goal for me and couponing is to save wherever I can because eating organically and gluten free is EXPENSIVE.

I will probably never get $200 worth of food for free, but I plan to save 30-40 cent a gallon on gas every couple months and save more than 50% on household and personal items.


Don said...

I need to forward this money savings post to my woman. Lol. Also, I've followed your tweets these past couple of days and I'm absolutely loving the wise teachings of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

Patrice Muhammad said...

Thanks for reading Don. Couponing is so much fun. I feel like a sucker for paying full price all these years!

Re: Farrakhan- The Minister has been on FIRE lately calling out Satan and his helpers. For those who don't know. Min. Farrakhan has a year long series The Time And What Must Be Done.