Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My mother in laws passing and a business disappointment have made me take a long look at time and timing.

I had discussed with her my plans to return to college and at 43 I know that it's past time and a bit overdue. (she got her first degree at 50 and then 2 masters degrees)

I've also had to think realistically about a second child. I know that I could physically handle it, but am I willing to do what it takes organizationally. A child can't be my motivation to organize my life. I have to want that for my own peace of mind.

A few weeks before my mother in laws transition we were told that the station our radio program airs on was changing from an old school R&B format to comedy. Again I realized how much I was relying on the unreliable whims of people who live in another part of the country. I've had to step up really fast and do some quick research into ways that we can control our own product better. More to come on the details, but time dictated that I move quickly and decisively and it was made painfully clear that my current mode of operation had to change.

Time waits for no man and when our time on this side is up, it is indeed over.

I want to spend more time with my sister and cousins and I want to do more writing for pleasure and publishing.

It's time for me to have more fun, return to school, get my house in order, get  to baby making and put my business on the fast track so we we don't lose momentum.

It's time...


Sis.Dishonne said...

ASA Sister!

We have the power to CONTROL Matter, Energy, Space, and Time (MEST). I applaud your decision to return to school. The time is always NOW! I am glad that you are not allowing age (matter) to be a barrier to your decision. Get to it! May Allah bless you with clarity of mind!

Your Sister,
Dishonne Muhammad - Las Vegas, NV

Sister P said...

WAS Sister! I was pleased to meet you and look forward to communicating more with you. Thank you for your encouraging words. May Allah continue to bless you!