Monday, October 15, 2012

Great find! Brown Rice Quiche Crust

I love quiche but hate to make pie crust. Even buying the ''just add water'' kind is a chore to me. Frozen get's expensive and we end up throwing away the edges anyway.

So one day I found this online, not sure why or how I ended up there. I think I found it on Pinterest but I may have put it there myself. (pause)

Side note: I had a medium coffee today around 4:30 with 2 creams and 4 sugars and I'm still a little chatty, can you tell? LOL

The recipe for the Quiche with Brown Rice and Cheddar Crust is here. 

I followed the recipe. I used heavy cream for ''milk'' and that was the only change. It was so creamy my husband asked why I didn't make two!

This is the crust after I browned it in the oven without any oil on the bottom, which I thought was weird and I worried about sticking but it didn't:

This is the finished product. My cell made it look sort of burnt but it was perfectly brown:
Here's a slice!

The crust was great for us because we buy brown rice in bulk (50'lbs at a time) and we eat it at least 2ce per week and there's always some left over. Now I cook a little more so that I always have a full cup left over for this crust.

This is a Pinterest experiment gone RIGHT!


My name is Tiffany said...

Your quiche, looks great! I tend to cook quiche in bulk. They make great give away meals for the sick/shut in.

Sister P said...

I made quiche weekly for several years, but got bored with it. But I love this crust and the simple recipe is so tasty. It made it back into rotation, LOL! I'd love to make in bulk if I could figure how to do it without using aluminum pie tins.