Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Traveling to The DNC and my 400th post!

Recently I spent a week away from home. It was combination work and pleasure. I was covering the DNC but my best friend lives in Charlotte so I stayed with her and had a ball being roommates again after 20 years.

It's always exciting to cover news stories that are also televised. It makes my reporting easier because of the visual the reader gets from tv in advance of my report.

Here's a link to the website for my newspaper and here's a few pics that didn't make the official report.

Above is where I worked for 2 days. I call it the ''press pit''. Just tables, chairs, and internet wires for tired souls trying to crank out copy.

I love Cory Booker. That.is.all.
 A random crowd shot taken from the first level of the Time Warner Arena.
 Geraldo was trying to look important, but he's a one man operation at this point. He was slumming it like the rest of us all week. #felloff
They tried to stop me from photographing Wolf's foot stool. LOL #littleperson
This isn't my best shot of the POTUS but it shows the wall to wall crowd in the building. The energy was banana's and a bit scary all at the same time.

It wasn't planned, but it's very fitting that this is my 400th post! The number of posts is a milestone for me and so was this trip. Earning DNC press credentials raised the profile of my media company and gained us a lot of respect. It was a major accomplishment for me to do all the reporting, recording and photography without staff or an assistant. So I feel as if I'm celebrating two victories at once. Keeping a blog of my hectic life going for 5 years, and keeping my business growing and thriving for 10.

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