Monday, August 13, 2012

Ramadan Mubarak! Crafts!

I have struggled in the past for a meaningful way to observe Ramadan and have it reflected in our home.

The purpose of decorations is an acknowledgement of the celebratory nature of an event.

My concern has always been that I did not want our Ramadan celebration to mirror the reckless spending and comedic displays I've witnessed during Christ-mas time.

This year I believe, I've achieved what will work for us.

Handmade decorations. Each year, inshallah, we will create handmade decorations that can be stored for use the following year. Each year our display will grow modestly and organically. Inshallah we'll have fond memories each year as we unpack the decorations at the beginning of Ramadan and we'll have fond memories of our crafts as we pack them after Eid.

I was inspired by some items I found on Pinterest. I created a Ramadan board there that you can visit.

The crescent moons: We cut out a moon sewed it while inside out and left a space for turning. We turned it and stuffed and make three ribbon strips and added sticky stars.

The garland - Was rather expensive because of the beads and scrapbook paper we used. I'd advise calculating the cost instead of walking through the craft store picking up pretty, shiny things and dropping them mindlessly into your cart (like I did).

You won't find me posting detailed instructions, but I am going to offer you the ovals I created. Feel free to use this if you can.

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