Monday, October 10, 2011

Sewing I do it and how you can too!

As I say over and over, I've had a serious time management issue/failure.

I have lacked the ability to prioritize. It is a learned skill, and I'm a work in progress. I'm striving daily to teach my daughter how to make wise time choices so she will lead a life less frustrating than mine!!

So, the sewing. As I manage my time better, I have more time for sewing. As I am more organized, I can complete sewing projects faster and with better quality.

Though sewing is fun to me, it is still a necessity! I won't let my daughter wear these skimpy clothes found in the stores. Also, she wears PLUS sizes and those are impossible to find with much variety.

PHOTO: My daughter in Simplicity 5234 and my mother, showing off a quilt square we made as part of a community quilting project. (That top took me 2 work days because this is surplus fabric and a previously used pattern)

Think you don't have time to sew? Think again....

Here are my "busy lady excuse busters".

1. As a beginning sewer I would block at least 90 mins - 2 hours each time I plan to work on sewing.

2. Make a plan for the entire project.
     SAMPLE for top or pants:
Day One - At store choose pattern, purchase all materials including fabric, thread, buttons, trim, interfacing, etc.

Day Two - Read pattern instructions for your garment and size. CIRCLE, on the instructions, all the steps that apply to your project. CIRCLE the layout that applies to your fabric width and project size. CUT out your pattern pieces.

Day Three - Pin pattern to fabric, do all markings, DOUBLE CHECK for accuracy, cut fabric.

Day Four (and five, if needed) - Sew and assemble garment

Day Five (or six) - Finishing and press

Note: These don't have to be 5 consecutive days. You can store your work and come back to it. However, I would not skip more than 1-2 days or you may lose your motivation for finishing!

3. BEFORE executing your plan, make sure you have enough general supplies like bobbins, pins, marking tools, etc. so you can replenish while at the fabric store.

That's really it! EVERYONE has a week that they can devote to a project.

Think you don't have 2 hours a day? Think again...

You can get 2 hours a day by planning ahead. The week before your sewing project, double up on your cooking. Make larger than usual batches of soup or cook twice the baked chicken and freeze it. The days you eat the frozen meal, you have skipped some cooking time and clean up time. While the food warms in the oven, you can do your daily vacuuming and dusting so that when dinner is done, you can move to your project. I know that can save at least one hour.

The next hour may be gained by getting children into to PJ's early and letting them have special video nights during your sewing week. Consider School House Rock! or Electric Company videos. If you have help (maybe your husband or an older child) the children can have game night without you.

Again, this is not every day, 365 days a year. You can make this happen once a month or more if you want to.

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