Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Math Tool - IXL

I quickly realized that I was going to need some real help teaching math and science to my daughter. I know what to teach, but making math and science fun for a class of ONE was challenging from the word, Go!

My child really enjoys her independence so online work, with my supervision, works well for her. Plus the automatic feedback is great.

I am always looking for free stuff and came across, IXL for math. Like most sites, there is a free version and a paid one. For me, its working well still using the free portion. I let the system introduce a concept and if she breezes through, great! If not, we spend some real class time on that concept and she can go back online the next day and try the activity again until she masters it and we move on.

Honestly, it has introduced some concepts that I did not think to do yet. Since she has chosen a career that involves mastery of a lot of science and math, I have to really keep my game tight on these subjects.

The reason I'm considering going up to the paid version is the tool that allows you to make sure you are keeping up with the (low) standards of your own state. My goal would be to get her a grade ahead on these so she can be on an accelerated track by high school and begin taking college courses around 14 or 15.

Let me know if you've used this and how it has worked for you!

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