Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally, the 2 month project is finished

Immediately I liked the look of this outfit because it had separates. I love short jackets on me. Most tops look way too big on me because of my bust size. I was hoping that this would be a jacket that I would like enough to make several of and I LOVE it.

The jacket was super easy and except for me not having a real iron, it was a breeze. As you can see I need to send it for professional pressing, which I'll do in the morning ;o)

I chose to make the mini-dress to wear as a top. The pattern only lined the bust, but since my material was thin I chose to line the entire thing. It was not very challenging and did not even pose a problem for me when it was time to add the zipper. Considering my sewing level, I'd have to call this project an advanced intermediate project.

This was also my first attempt at serging since buying one which I'll review in another post. Aminah Hanan piqued my interest in sergers and I went to get a demonstation of them and now I'm hooked. I didn't know how to get that professional look inside and out and now I realize that the serger is the difference!

That's it for this one! I highly recommend this pattern for anyone who is hard to fit. You can alter it easily, the pattern is simple to follow and I think with the right fabric choices you'll be pleased.

I also need to do a post about the fabric store in Chicago I got this great fabric from.

Tell me what you think and be kind....;o)


Aminah Hanan said...

I like! The print with the solid looks good. You've made me want to sign-up for the fabric club. I need a personal shopper to help reign me in & keep me focused. I may have to make this, but I think I'll do a skirt. Good job Sister P! You sew girl!

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

@Aminah - Dag! You took long enough. I kept waiting for you to see this LOL I didn't do the fabric club yet, this is from my Labor Day trip to The Chi. When buying I started with one great print (this top) and found coordinating fabrics. I got this brown stretch (jacket) and dark green like the base of the top that I'll coordinate next. But I am doing the fabric club as soon as my stash runs low, which may take a year. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Don said...

It looks nice, very nice. You can do it all, I see.

Fascinating womanhood - agreed.

Lakisa said...

Great job! Sis, you can sew for real, for real! LOL

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

@ Don and Sis. Lakisa - Compliments to the budding seamstress are always appreciated and welcomed. Mastering sewing is something that I decided I MUST do to become the woman I am destined to be. It has taught me patience and perserverance, two attributes I needed to develop.

Aminah Hanan said...

@Sister P I kept checking for this post. Can't wait to read your serger review.