Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I beg your pardon Ma'am?

Y'all know I trying my best to be a FlyLady and keep up on the housework.
Well, several times a day they send out emails and assignments, here is the one for today:
Dear Friends,

Yesterday I had you look up and get rid of the dusties and now I am
telling you to look DOWN! Check out the two inches of floor around
the baseboards, check out how dusty the baseboards are!

Remember this week is Anti-Procrastinatio n Week and we are doing the
things that we procrastinate doing!You can vacuum them or you can take
a toilet brush (dry) and run it around the edges of the carpet to
loosen up any stuff that is around the walls and the baseboards and
then vacuum.

Have Fun!

Sister P says, "Did you say "toilet brush (dry)"? Ewwwwwww! 

I think you should have said "toilet brush (new)"! LOL

Carry on, there's nothing to see here people....

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