Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eating to live

As I have quietly recommitted myself to my faith, I am re-reading books that will keep me on the right path.
First up has been How To Eat to Live Book 2.

My menu plans were WAY out of order, LOL!

So as I come up with a meal that is TOTALLY according to the teachings prescribed by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad I'll post them so I can have a reminder when I'm running about like a crazy woman on menu planning day.

Breakfast (for Baby Girl)

Oatmeal with sun dried raisins
Organic or raw milk


Spinach-Carrot Quiche
Navy Bean Soup
Homemade Wheat Rolls w/honey butter
Decaffeinated (fresh brewed) Iced Tea w/Turbinado sugar


Smell Goods Lady said...

Sorry to post this here. I was looking for a direct way. Yes, please keep in touch. I would like that.

Brother OMi said...

the classic, i have to repurchase that

Muhammed was WAY ahead of his time