Saturday, February 28, 2009

Homeschool Friday- Planning for 09-10 School Year

Right now I am just beginning my new plans for next year.
Baby Girl will be in 1st grade!!
I am focused now on our school calendar. I am taking into account all days that we will be taking off and I am also figuring in our religious holidays for lesson purposes.

I have been overly ambitious about keeping a regular 5 day per week schedule and now know that doesn't work for us especially since our religious holidays are different. There are many US holidays that we have school and I have to better plan for our year end break which is about 4 weeks.

I am planning now because I didn't have a good plan and we did not make our trip to Saviours' Day. So instead of being bummed out, I'm stepping it up!

Once I set the calendar and make sure we have the minimum number of instructional days included I'll post it and update along the way.

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Lakisa said...

I'm sorry to hear you couldn't make it to Saviours' Day. I was looking forward to meeting you in the flesh finally. I'm not on Facebook. I've vowed not to join anymore groups or networks. Blogging already takes up too much of my time. (Well, more so reading other people's blogs. LOL)

You know Holy Day of Atonement will be in Memphis this year. We're trying to decide if we're going to make it. How far is Memphis from you all?